I have lived three seasons of “we’ll get better… it’ll be fine” over the past few years and this season I feel myself wanting to say those same words. Here is the question again: “Am I worried about my Knicks?”

The short answer is yes. Of course I’m worried. I can’t keep watching 82 games of shit basketball, season after season (after season) and not be concerned. It wears on me as a fan and my sanity as a human… I mean shit, THIS happened last night:


And while Joakim’s stroke is so pure it’s difficult for me not to believe in it eventually figuring itself out, luckily it seems the yips are everywhere…

And everyone knows, if Joakim Noah can shoot as well as LeBron, the Knicks will be just fineee.

So while I am worried, I’m going to chalk this one up to a “Yeah I’m kinda worried, but eventually this ship will right itself.”

Derrick Rose looked GREAT early on last night and I’d be crazy to be anything other than optimistic about him. He is a mad man and when he’s on, he’s ON.

So yeah, we’ll be fine, this team will figure it out. Let’s hang in there a little bit longer Knicks fans.



Worried but Optimistic (still),