And ya say Chi-City…

Everyone longs for another chance. Whether its with work, an ex, or any opportunity in life. We long for that moment, that opportunity to be great. Some us never get that opportunity, but its a different story for the Chicago Cubs. Last night, the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians to tie the World Series match-up at three even and force a game seven. Forcing a game seven allows the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series for the first time since 1908, snapping a 108-year old curse. By winning this game, the Cubs give them selves one more opportunity, one more chance. One more shot to change history, and do what was thought to be unachievable.


For 108 years, Cubs fans have been disappointed, laughed at, mocked, and defeated. Over the years the Chicago Cubs have had some baffling losses and everyone thought it was going to be the same story this year after a going down 3-1 in the World Series. With doubt in their minds and their backs against the wall, the noble Cubs changed that momentum with a dramatic win on Halloween Eve and a statement last night in Cleveland. A clutch double play by Baez and a sealing home run by Anthony Rizzo solidifying the Cubs Game Six victory and leading us to a game seven. A game seven, tonight at 8 pm on FOX, that is for everything. For the Cubs, its more then a baseball game. Its more then a World Series. It could possibly be one of, if not the the most grand event in baseball history, The Chicago Cubs, baseball’s “Mom & Pop organization”, could lift the curse in one final game and one final moment. Through all the heartbreak and defeat, the Cubs are finally here and on the brink of a legendary win. The moment that kids dream of when pretending to be big leaguers. In any sport, a deciding game seven is momentous, especially for two franchises who haven’t won in so long. Cleveland, I love you but something tells me this is bigger for Chicago. Despite having a first place record all season, they’re still the underdog.

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It’s game seven, it’s for everything. It’s for the Bill Murrays’ and John Cusacks’, it’s for former Cubs player who lived through the haunting defeats, and the fans who only know embarrassment in baseball form. For everything the Cubs organization has gone through, they deserve this game seven just as much as they deserve a World Series. They deserve it because they belong here. Especially this team, they belong among baseball’s immortality and royal class of victors. The Cubs deserve this chance to prove to the haters and doubters that they belong. It’ll be the biggest victory in Chicago sports history, bigger then Jordan’s 6 rings and the ’86 Bears. Arguably it’s one of the biggest moments in baseball history. This game seven is bigger then baseball. I know that probably sounds a little outrageous but it is. And isn’t that why we love our teams, why we love sports? We love being apart of something that is bigger then us. No matter what is going on in our lives, sporting moments like this give us that sense of pride and exhilaration because we, “our team” is there fighting for it and living it. It’s a life changing and historic moment and even if you’re not there it doesn’t matter, you’re witnessing it.

It’s a game seven in the World Series, and its been 39,466 days since the Cubs last won a World Series. Anything goes, and there are no excuses for Chicago. Everything is on the line and in this case, history as well. It’s one of those “dare to be great” moments for athletes. A moment that every athlete envisions themselves living in and excelling. Guys like Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo gave themselves another chance to have one of those moments. Its time to live in it.


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