Well we have it now, the first College Football Playoff Poll of the year, and here’s how it turned out:



Live look at Non-SEC Fans:


It’s funny how irritated people are getting with all of this. THESE RANKINGS DON’T MATTER. Everyone needs to take a lesson from Aaron Rodgers and:


Sure, it’s great to be told that as long as you do your job and win out, you will be one of the final 4 teams with a shot at the National Championship, but this will change HEAVILY over the next four weeks. 

Last year’s first poll had Ohio State, Baylor, Clemson, and LSU all in; and what happened when the year was over? ONLY ONE TEAM WAS STILL IN FROM THAT GROUP. Similar things will happen this year.

Honestly though, I’m fine with this poll because it blatantly tells each team what they need to do. For example, here’s what teams 5-10 need to do:


Danny Shelton

  • Needs to win out and win the Pac-12. If they do this they will 100% jump a non-conference champ in Texas A&M (assuming they don’t somehow win the SEC West, which still could very well happen)

Ohio State


  • Needs to beat Nebraska and Michigan, and go on to win the Big Ten Championship. Similar to Washington, if they do this they will be in 100%, if they lose to Nebraska or Michigan however, their shot is gone.



  • Needs some serious help. Clemson ain’t losing in ACC play, so they would have to hope that Washington, Ohio State, and A&M all lose, or that they can win convincingly enough to leap frog some of these teams. With their strength of schedule however, I don’t see that happening.



  • Wisco is still very much in the hunt after beating Nebraska. They simply need Nebraska to lose to Ohio State this week, and then to redeem themselves with a win against Ohio State or Michigan in the Big Ten title game. The first part is very likely, the second? Not so much.



  • Auburn. Yes Auburn. Also is still very much in the hunt (FML). As much as I despise this team, if they win out (including a win over Bama in the Iron Bowl… LOL), it will come down to a three team tie-breaker and they may win the West. If they do this then win the SEC title, unfortunately for me, they would be in the Playoff



  • Win out and win the Big Ten title game against Michigan/Ohio State and they’re in (they may even be able to lose to Ohio State and get in if they win in the Big Ten title game).

That’s my take on these rankings, to be honest it’s a great tool for measurement in every college football fan’s dick measuring competition, but that’s all it really is. Don’t buy into it too much. There’s no point. It will all change in the next few weeks, trust me.