Miller had a great write-up of the first College Football Playoff Rankings from the die-hard fan’s perspective.  But what about guys like you and me?  What about those guys that just enjoy watching the big games and MACtion games and throwing a little money around, flipping between ABC, CBS and the ESPN family of networks on Saturdays while sitting on the couch with their hand down their pants.  You know, the guy that didn’t go to a huge football college nor is from an area where college football is #lyfe, what should they think?  Well you have a few options:

The first option is to freak out.  You should start saying things like “How the FUCK can A&M be in Final Four when they lost to Alabama by 19 points just two weeks ago!?”  Make sure you complain about how the committee sucks the SEC’s dick and how Washington has dominated all year long and deserves some respect.  Make sure you say something along the lines of “So Washington is getting penalized because their conference is weak?  They’re taking care of business and beating who they should!”  You could also say something like “So the committee is saying the fourth best team in the country could only lose to Alabama by 19 points? Please.”

Option two is to pick a team not in the Final Four right now, and possibly not really even in the hunt that you “think” could sneak in there.  Learn a few of their players names so that you can “back up” your “case.”  For example: “You know who could slide into the playoffs and make some noise? Oklahoma.  I know a they’ve had a couple tough losses this year but Baker Mayfield is the real deal and when he and Dede Westbrook are on the same page, nobody can stop them.”

Your next option is to tell everyone that it’s already over and nobody can or will beat Bama.  Talk about their great defense and how Nick Saban is the best coach in NCAA history.  Start asking if Alabama could beat the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars and before the other person answers, just start saying they could.  #RollTide

Your last option is to tell everyone that it’s absolute bullshit that they nail it down to only four teams and that the NCAA should expand it to a 64 team tournament like basketball.  Back up your cases with “facts.”  Watch and learn: “I don’t know why the NCAA doesn’t just expand the football playoffs to 64 teams.  Just make it a six week tournament…bowl season is about that long anyways!  Plus every team that wins their conference should get a chance!  Anything can happen in college football…remember when Michigan lost to App State a few years ago?  Yeah imagine if that happened during a playoff tournament.  It would be the most exciting thing to ever happen ever!”

Whatever option you choose, just don’t forget to sit back, relax and enjoy the next two months of college football.

BONUS OPTION: Make sure you slide that Davis Webb is a coach’s son and has big hands into every conversation about college football*


*That is the option I go with.