Welcome back everyone! I can’t believe I’ve been a part of this thing for 7 weeks already. This shit is flying by! First off, want to give a shout out to the Chicago Cubs on their World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians. Now, I am hardly a Cubs fan, but I thought this was their year from the beginning. Solid youngster lineup surrounded by some big veteran guys all under Joe “Don’t Make Me” Maddon was a recipe for success from the get go. Plus, I absolutely despise the Indians (partially because they knocked out my Red Sox in the ALDS).

Anyway, that’s my two cents in the sports world this week. Now let’s get to why you’re here – the music. Now it’s been sort of a tough week because not much has hit the web in terms of “new” songs. But, I worked my magical researching skills and put together a little list for ya’ll to get down to, while hopefully going down on some smoke… Ready. Set. Go.

1.) Sean Paul (feat. KStewart)- Paradise (Matoma Remix)

The GOAT Matoma is back on some Tropical House grooves. When I heard this song at first, it fired me right the hell up. Even though no one ever knows what Sean Paul is saying, this colab is great for some drinking and partying. On repeat.

2.) Rita Ora (feat. Chris Brown)- Body On Me (Spectra & Kings Remix)

Back-to-back Tropical House songs? In one week?! Yea, get over it. This song doesn’t use lube. So beachy. So god damn beachy. Now I want a Corona….

3.) LIONE- Leave This Place

Brand new music from LIONE and I must say, the chick who is singing sounds mad hot. So, on top of her perpetually magnificent vocals with great upbeat drops, this song bangs on the first date. Keep on the lookout for more from this artist after this banger.

4.) Zedd- Ignite

Huge Zedd guy. HUGE. Back in September, he took his talents to theme music and dropped “Ignite” from League Of Legends (which is a computer game I’m assuming? I don’t know. Nerds these days). But what I do know, is that this song is money. And I’m talking straight untraceable, counterfeit, $100 bills in which you can infinitely print them off with no way of getting caught. There’s an image.

Like I said, it was a tough week from a “new music” point of view but hey, I got you guys. I’m like Bambi’s mother. (Remember that scene from Semi-Pro). Not much going on in Australia here this week, just more kangaroos, hot chicks, baseball and great beers. Off to Bali within the next couple weeks for a little vacation to get even more tropical, so we’ll see if we can spin some turntables Indonesian style. Stay tuned, and as always, keep it sexy out there. Have a great weekend mates!!