Last night’s game 7 between the Cubs and Indians was the greatest baseball game of all time.  Considering everything that was at stake with the droughts, the history and the curses, proclaiming that as “the greatest game of all time” is not even close to out of the question.  Even the snooty baseball traditionalists that are convinced that anything past 1970 doesn’t compare to “their” game must admit that what we as baseball fans witnessed last night was an instant classic.

The Cubs are World Series Champions.  Despite Joe Maddon’s best efforts, the Cubs can finally hang a World Champion banner at Wrigley for the first time since 1908.  Who would’ve thunk it?  Now while Maddon managed like an asshole for the last two games of the series and did just a god awful job managing his pitchers and bunting, this article isn’t about that.*  Instead, it’s to pay homage to history.

The game had it all.  When Fowler led off with the homer and then Schwarber followed with a hit, it looked like all the adrenaline the Cubs had was going to run away with the game, much like game 7 of the 2004 ALCS when the Red Sox torched the Yankees.  However, the Indians didn’t quit.  The struck back in the third with a run after Carlos “So Smooth” Santana drove in Coco Crisp.  The fourth and fifth innings were all Cubs from the offensive side as they knocked Kluber out of the game and Javy Baez, despite making two errors earlier in the game, hit a momentous home run.  

In the fifth, “Quick Hook Joe” Maddon took out Kyle Hendricks who was dealing, with two out and one on to put in Jon Lester whom Maddon said he did not want to bring in mid-inning.  Kipnis reaches on an error by David Ross and then Lester throws a 55 foot fastball that looked like it concussed Ross and ricocheted away and all of the sudden it was a two run game.  

In the 6th, the dazed looking Ross went big fly, essentially redeeming himself for the shitty throw he made to first in the bottom of the fifth to go back up by three.  Lester was lights out for the next couple innings until he let a guy get in with two outs in the 8th.  Despite him throwing really fucking good, Maddon went with Chapman.  Chapman looked run down.  He didn’t have the same zip on his fastball and was not spotting as well as he had.  That’s when Rajai Davis came in and hit a pitch off his shoe laces on a line out of the park to tie the game.

We all know what happened from there.  Before extra innings we had a little rain delay and then the eventual MVP Ben Zobrist drove in the go ahead run.  After a little blip in the bottom of the 10th, the Cubs finally sealed the deal to win their first championship in over a century.

I’ll say it again, this game had it all.  Drama, redemption, controversial decisions, close calls, big homers, great defense and honest to God some of the best baserunning you will ever see.  Bryant tagging from third in the fourth on a shallow fly ball was gutsy as hell, but even more impressive was Amaro tagging from first in the 10th on Bryant’s deep fly ball to center.

It was sad when the game was over because it was such a good game that capped off a great baseball season.  We are all exhausted today, but it was 100% worth it.  That game was a treat.  It was the best baseball game of all time.  Congratulations, Cubs.


*I cannot resist – Why the FUCK would you take Hendricks out?  Why the FUCK would you take Lester out?  Why the FUCK are you running a safety squeeze with two strikes and one out?  Why the FUCK are you not bunting Heyward after the leadoff walk?  God DAMNIT Maddon was bailed out.