Ladies and Gents,

We are FLYING through this season, and already at week 10. I guess it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun. Now your boy has not been having the best year possible with Georgia not looking so hot, but in Kirby’s first year as a coach it’s understandable. Let’s hope to get a big win in Lexington today

Other than that, there is A LOT to look forward to this weekend. This includes a couple of top 15 matches, and a top five team that may struggle on the road. Let’s give it a look:


Nebraska at Ohio State– 8:00 on ABC:


  • One team’s CFB Playoff future will be determined at the end of this game because they will be OUT OF IT. We’ll see who the true pretender will be, and that makes this the most exciting game of the week. I have the Buckeyes by 1,000 in this, and love the over of 52.5.
    • They will not lose in the Horseshoe, and because of it Nebraska will be sent home without a hope of the CFB Playoff. Sorry Huskers, there’s always next year.


Alabama at LSU– 8:00 on CBS:


  • Every week it seems like Bama is in a huge game and every week it seems like Bama wins by 300 points. This week however….. Nah just kidding, Bama will dominate this game as well.
    • I love the atmosphere and the lure of Death Valley during a night game. It really is something special. But something more special is this Bama team. They are just all around better at every position besides the running backs. The only shot LSU has is to keep Jalen Hurts in the pocket and make him pass, but that’s much easier said than done. Better luck next year and with a new coach LSU.


Washington at California– 10:30 on ESPN:


  • Washington is favored by 19 in this game, but NOT SO FAST my friends, and here’s why: Night game. In Berkley. Marshawn Lynch bobblehead night.
    • In all seriousness I expect Washington to roll and to keep their undefeated season in tact as they waltz their way on and into the CFB Playoff, but I had to give a “not so fast” because my boy Ketch is a biiig Cal guy and because Davis Webb has big hands.
      • Don’t worry about the correlation, just know that it matters.


That wraps it up, a bunch of other challengers involved in chances to upset a top team, but I don’t see it happening (even though there’s always hope). As always best of luck to all of your teams and to your wallets. Give Keeping Score at Home a listen for more gambling picks as well! (Shameless plug).