Well, 7 days under my belt and my crusty stache is shelling out the kind of vibe that every girl fears and every guy tries to avoid putting out there… But guess what? This month only, that vibe is only a predator to one thing and one thing only – cancer.

Congratulations to everyone who has taken to plunge and is going for it this Movember. It is an honor to grow alongside you. You’re more than just a piece of furniture that every woman on planet Earth wants to sit on. You’re a warrior against cancer and I commend you.

As promised, Team “Make Mustaches Great Again” has dove head first (more specifically upper lip first) into Movember, raising over $450 so far… Thanks to everyone who’s joined the team, donated, or even offered some encouraging words like, “Your mustache makes my knees so weak, but please don’t take my unconsciousness as non-consent.”

As we have 24 more days until we end our Movember 2K16, I want to reiterate why we’re here… We’re here to crush cancer. We’re here to raise awareness for men’s health. And we’re here to let everyone know who’s been affected by this bitch of a disease (or knows someone who’s been affected over the years) that we have their backs.

Yes, it is ridiculous the way we do it, but that’s what’s GREAT about Movember (and why my face gets to look so “70’s Lifeguard” all month long).


Thanks again everyone.

Let’s Mooooo!!!