Politics aside, last night’s election was one of the biggest upsets in the history of everything.  If you substitute the names “Trump” and “Clinton” with like “Fresno State” and “Duke” we’re talking about one of the biggest surprises in sports history.  

It was one of those games that when you’re watching the underdog gets out to an early lead and the announcers say something like “oh yeah well you know that was Fresno State’s plan – to play a little run and gun and come out hot against Duke, but Duke’s offense is too good to lose this game.  They’ll come back.”  Then as the game gets closer and closer to half time and Fresno State is still up by five you have the thought of “hmm well maybe if they make it to half time with the lead…”

Then at the beginning of the second half, Duke makes a little surge to take a three point lead (aka California’s poll’s closing).  Maybe they hit a couple threes and put the press on and force a couple steals, making Fresno State call a timeout and talk it over.  Out of the timeout, Fresno breaks the press and hits a three to tie the game and then it’s them getting some steals.  Duke’s shooting is cold and before you know it Fresno State is up by eight with about ten minutes left.  Duke calls a timeout and you’re watching, thinking “no way, there’s no way Duke will let this one slip away, right?  They’ll come back, right?”

After play resumes from Duke’s timeout, they get a key steal, but miss a layup on a breakaway.  Fresno State gets the rebound, pushes it up court and hits a three, extending the lead to eleven with just under nine minutes left.  The teams trade baskets for the next couple minutes and before you know it, it’s still an eleven point game five minutes left.  Your thought turns into “Holy shit.  Fresno State is going to do this.”

Duke’s starts getting desperate and missing shots while Fresno State just keeps playing their game and gets a few backdoor layups before the dagger with a minute left – a three from the top of the key in the eye of Grayson Allen, putting the bulldogs up by 17.  Before you know it, the game is over.  Fresno State won.

That was Trump last night.  Unbelievable watching that shit.  Nobody saw this coming and yet it did.  Trump is this year’s George Mason.  Hillary’s odds of winning last night were 3/1 – yet another 3-1 lead blown in 2016.  As someone who really didn’t like either candidate, it was fascinating to watch.  Who knows how it happened, but it did and now America is Trump’s.  The question now is will Trump get smoked in the second round by a six seed or is he the real deal and make a deep run to the Final Four?

PS – On a side note, writing this just got me so fucking pumped for college hoops that’s starting THIS WEEKEND.