Early in 2016, we were a naive nation. We thought and believed that mega-powers win everything because that’s how the narrative was always written, and that’s how it will forever play out.

But then something happened.

I don’t know what the fuck it was… but something happened.

I’ll take you back to the Super Bowl… Remember that? February 7th. I personally was watching in Syracuse, NY and can remember thinking, “I guess it’d be pretty cool if Peyton rode off into the sunset, but the Panthers are really fucking good… “17-1” GOOD. And we knew Peyton had a wet noodle for an arm, so it seemed dim to say the least for Denver. And what happens? Peyton gets his John Elway moment. Peyton retires winning the big game. The unbelievable happens.


Okay, that’s fine. One crazy upset during a championship and we could “Check the Box” for 2016… or wait? Not another?!

Villanova meets UNC in the National Championship of what had been a CRAZY March Madness. UNC looked like it had at least 5 future-NBA players. They were bigger, taller, faster, stronger… But sometimes that doesn’t matter. And, well, let the video tell the story:

Honestly, I grew up a Tar Heel guy… Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, Julius Peppers, Chris Lang (lol), Ed Cota, Jason Capel, Joseph Forte, Rashad McCants, the list goes on. My love for that college program is deep. So I was pulling hard for the Heels, but you gotta love the underdog and Nova pulled an incredible upset. What a game, holy shit.

Okay, so now it’s April and we’ve already seen two incredible upsets… We’re seeing the NBA playoffs start and it seems we know who will win – the Golden State Warriors.

How can’t they? They drain a million three’s a game, everyone can shoot, the move the ball, they have fun. Everyone loved watching this shit. How could they lose?!

Well, it’s 2016, so fucking anything can happen.

They take a 3-1 lead on LeBron and the Cavs. It looks like once again LeBron will fall just short of winning his beloved Cleveland a title… But, Jesus Christ, catch the theme here folks…

The world crashes down (well, Bogut crashes down) and the Cavs get hot. Even still we all agree there’s no way the Warriors lose THREE STRAIGHT. You know what I would say if someone told me the Warriors lose that series?

bitches be crazy new girl the mindy project sleepy hollow shield

And guess what, those fucking bitches were crazy – but they were also right.

The Cavs – CLEVELAND – wins a title, coming back from a 3-1 deficit and honestly, I was pumped. I hate LeBron but that was sick to see. JR Smith was shirtless for about 6 months and I for one loved it – no homo.


Okay, so June ended and we had 3 absolutely bat-shit crazy sports finales… We get it 2016, WE GET IT!!

But no, ’16 didn’t stop there… It immediately set it sights on the MLB. America’s past-time. It took two teams – the Cubs with a 108-year championship drought and the Indians with a 68-year drought.

I mean, yes, the Cubs weren’t the “underdog” heading in. They won 103-games in the regular season, so okay, this one may not seem like a real “OMG HOLY SHIT WTF” championship win. But they were down 3-1, and it definitely seemed like Cleveland was going to be crowned “Titletown, USA”. But no, Ol’ Sixteen was having nothing to do with a normal ending to the World Series.


We got to see an unbelievable Game 7, a rain delay that blue-balled us all, some unreal managerial moves… honestly it ALL was just sick. For someone with no horse in the race, it was just a fucking GREAT baseball game to watch… So now we’ve seen FOUR championships that probably we’ll never see again.

So now sporting championships may be done and over for this year, but 2016 had plans to fuck with us once more…

We watched Hilary Clinton lose an election that it seemed she had sealed from the moment the Republicans somehow accidentally chose Donald Trump to be “their guy”.

We watched a real politician, lose to a guy who seemingly couldn’t go a week without saying something out-fucking-rageous.

He was offensive, he was brash, he was the furthest thing from presidential, but 2016 had to give it to the underdog one more time.

So there we have it folks, unless I’m missing a championship on the horizon, or another CRAZY underdog story up ahead, I think it’s safe to say we are good for a while…

Thank you 2016 for keeping us on the edge of our seat, this has been a wild ride. I’m sure one day I’ll miss you.









*The BCS National Championship was purposely omitted despite being a 5-point game but fuck Alabama… also it was two SEC teams and I need to do my duty of not promoting the SEC (for recruiting purposes) and throw some sort of shade at Miller… It’s been too long!