Thank God! The election is over (finally) and we have half the country in protest.

As an alum; what is going on with LeMoyne College students!? Hats off to the people across this country who are protesting the results of a Democratic election! Shout out to the C0lin Kapernick. This country gives you the opportunity to express your opinion and you don’t even show up to vote. What a joke.

For the millionth time; I am not a Trump guy. With that said it makes me sick to see what is going on in this country. I see people blaming Hillary losing on all those racist, islamophobic, misogynist,  homophobes. Refusing to acknowledge any flaw in your candidate. The writing was on the wall and you got exactly what you deserved

Go Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Nothing like an MSNBC anchor (@maddow) to blame them for the election. In an election year where people are fed up with liberal policies on the economy you blame a Libertarian like Gary Johnson. (FYI most libertarians are conservative when it comes to fiscal policy) I checked the amount of taxes I have paid for the year and was appalled ( Almost 1/3 of my paycheck) Where the fuck does this go. Democratic run cities such as Chicago/ Baltimore have been left behind. The economy is in shambles and liberals refuse to admit that.

The most important thing that played a factor is that half the country didn’t even show up to vote!(FUCK YOU GARY JOHNSON VOTERS!)

As  a liberal (sarcasm) why cant we just look in the mirror and see our short comings. Instead of blaming this election on the DNC; lets just call Trump supporters racist. Joke. Why cant we admit they championed Hillary.To the country, she was destine to be the next president. Take a look at yourself DNC. Liberals will protest a democratic election;but wont protest the primary where Hillary was walked blindfolded to victory! Its honestly sick. The fact that people refuse to admit this makes it all the more hilarious.

America is tired. Politicians are all the same. And what do you end up with? Donald Trump.

I do think the rhetoric will subside and please for the sake of God stop protesting. Nothing is going to affect you.Because of you folks, I’m pushing for the presidential election in 2020 to be run like an AYSO organization.You still get a trophy if you lose. No protest at result of the winner. And oranges at halftime. LMFAO!

In the end your freedoms as an American wont be in jeopardy. You will be able to be with who you want and practice your religion of choice. I for sure could care less what you do.

I blame a lot of these protest on college professors. I recall sitting in class with my mouth shut because I just wanted a good grade. Its a shame in this country if you believe anything other than liberal ideology. How intolerant are you if you cant even listen to an opposing view.

My advice for college students: Just please stop listening to your social justice hero professors. I blame a lot of this new millennial movement on college professors. They are the celebrities on college campus’s. I would be out of touch with reality if I was in college for that amount of time (wish I could though)

I could continue, but I dont get paid for this. I enjoy PBR and am proud to annouce I have signed a 10 cent per blog deal with WaterCooler Sports. I still have the liberal kool-aid hang over I got from attending Dr Ryan’s (LeMoyne College English professors) Tuesday night.

BTW, according to MSNBC and CNN polling (50% correct) I am the hottest DILFC at WCS.





(This blog is a C at best at Le Moyne College (Go Dolphins! Promote ideas unless its not yours))