This Brandon Jennings shit is A+.

The dude has been all about playing in New York since Day 1 and I am so stoked to say after a handful of games, I still love this fucking guy!

His attitude – you knock an opposing player down, don’t help him up – fuck that guy!

Jennings was quoted as saying “I wouldn’t want another opponent to help me up. That’s just showing too much respect. In between the lines, you don’t have a New York jersey on, then you don’t mean nothing to me.”

Damn! He was quoted as saying he learned from a former Knicks legend, Kurt Thomas, early in his career and honestly, I love hearing this kind of stuff.

Love your team – fuck the rest.

This is the stuff that MAYBE can make New York great again – back into those 90’s Knicks that were pretty bad mo fo’s.

Let’s go BJ, and let’s go New York!!







P.S. Had a bit of an off-week with illness but I promise to pick it back up. No worries though, thanks to our sponsors at NyQuil, I was able to recover pretty fucking quickly.

Cold season isn’t so bad if you chug NyQuil.” – Gandhi