It took a lot of back-room deals as well as extended locker-room talk, but we finally did it… We signed our first big fish.

Welcome to to squad Daddy Grogan!!

We first met Grogs long before he was taking his sex trophy to Chuck-E-Cheese… We encountered him when he was just a nubile at Le Moyne College and he took a liking to us, as we did him. He’s one of those guys where you just meet him and you’re like, “Damn, this guy FUCKS!”

this guy fucks time men gymnastics see

Hailing from illustrious Westmoreland, NY (LOL), Grogs is a “Hot Take” machine with a conservative Central New York point of view. A legend in the UNYCHL, Grogan brings us strong hockey knowledge and that “deep north” attitude that we have been severely lacking.

He also has been known to do “Food Reviews” on all the latest fast food items… And while I’m not saying he’ll be doing that for us (as his rep would not let us specify that in his contract) it does make him an automatic follow on SnapChat (sc: grogs). You’re welcome in advance.

Judging by his first post, his Le Moyne College degree wasn’t in Writing, but we don’t care – he’s a dad! He doesn’t have time to spell check or even proofread once to make sure his message was clear… Dude’s got diapers to change and a kid to take care of, and we here at WCS respect the shit out of that!!

He comes in fast, and he comes in hot – honestly, he just comes everywhere!

Welcome to the team Daddy Grogs – we’re excited to have you!