After strong week last week in the gambling circuit, we’re back for more in week 12. This week is already being touted as a let down in terms of big games, but that is crazy talk. We have a couple top 25 match-ups, and some rivalry games that should really spice up your Saturday.

Without any more haste, let’s check em out:


Auburn at Georgia– 3:30 on CBS:


  • Sure, maybe I’m a bit biased on this one. But there’s nothing like the “Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry” to get your Saturday going. This week’s CBS SEC Game of the Week has me pretty scared the Dawgs may lose big, but this one always has a ton of passion and a ton of hard hits, making it a very fun watch.
    • Look for Georgia to keep it close, but falter a bit in the end. I’m still taking my Dawgs +10 though.


LSU at Arkansas– 7:00 on ESPN:

  • Top 25 matchup in a rivalry game, as these two teams jostle for position in the standings. What more could you really ask for?
  • “The battle for the Golden Boot” is always one of the most hyped up games between these two teams, and for good reason. Not only is it always a great game, but it has one of the coolest trophies in football.
    • That being said, look for LSU to take this one pretty handily. But with two solid teams up front, this is a game that I really love the under in.


USC at Washington– 7:30 on Fox:


  • Another top 25 match up, and it’s a huge one. Gameday went to WEashington this week, because this is Washington’s real chance to prove that they belong in the CFB Playoff. Also it’s a game that Ohio State and Louisville fans are drooling over.
    • That’s because to this point, Washington really hasn’t played anyone. This will be a true test, and the committee knows that. It’s a huge statement game, and will be a huge test. I do fully expect a Washington win though, because they are just the better team all around, and because Browning is a STUD.
  • Why else do I think they’re the better team? Remember when Bama beat this USC team by 46 points? I know it’s a better and more experienced USC team than week 1, but I can’t get over that; and I can’t call this USC team special.
    • Because of this, if Washington can’t pull off the win against this USC team, then they don’t deserve to be anywhere near the College Football Playoff.


That about does it for this week, it’s a pretty slow week but these are some huge games; and if we’re being honest you NEVER know what can happen in College Football. Because of this, sit back, grab a beer, and watch some football as your Saturday unfolds. As always, best of luck to you and to your wallets.