Well, we’ve made it halfway through this year’s Movember and I can honestly say – our team kiiiiiiinda is killing it.

Last week a challenge was tossed out to team “Make Mustaches Great Again” and they came in clutch. We seemed to be stuck at $450 without any movement, so I said the next team member to get an outsider donate to the cause would get a $50 donation courtesy of Water Cooler Sports (that VISA would then match another $20 on – shout-out to VISA, *un-official* official sponsors of Team “Make Mustaches Great Again”).

Congrats to Mitch Hillegas, an American hero and current leader of our squad in terms of donation dollars!! He won the contest and I announced it via SnapChat from a deer stand Saturday morning #SAFTB.

So to date, our team has raised over $550 for cancer research and we are honestly, KILLING the mustache game. Some thick lip bushes, some could use some miracle grow, but all for a good cause – and that’s all the matters.

Here are some pics of our unstoppable cancer killa’s:

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Thanks for everyone’s help and support along the way.

14 days of kicking cancer’s ass and still going (and growing) strong.