Yesterday I mentioned four things to keep an eye on during the Giants versus Bengals MNF game: the 11 Alabama players, Big Blue #84, Janoris Jenkins vs AJ Green, and Ben McAdoo’s facial hair.

Honestly, I think I nailed all those, starting with keeping your eyes on the Crimson Tide alum. Landon Collins (roll damn tide) is an absolute beast. He had a couple big hits last night as well as an interception that was CLUTCH AF. He seems to be a critical part of this Giants defense and I for one can’t even believe our defensive backs seems to be holding their own out there.

#84, Larry Donnell… Okay, I’m not perfect, BUT, I was right in that the Bengals are Charmin soft against TE’s. I mean they literally allowed Will Tye, a pretty average TE, to make some big catches early on to get the offense moving, and that was huge to the few successful drives we had. So maybe I was off on “getting your 84 jersey out“, but at least I had the position right.

Honestly, Jenkins did earn the Green. Jenkins played some A+ ball on one of the best receivers in the game. When Green scored his 10-ish yard TD, the Bengals had a short field to drive, so I basically blame the offense on that, not Jenkins. He is playing his ass off being our #1 corner and I love it – especially after years of Prince Amukamura, Sam Madison, Aaron Ross, Corey Webster, among others… This guy is great.

McAdoo’s Goatee. He is just wonderful to me. The guy’s stache is one color with the chin part pretty damn grey and it just comes together for quite a shitty look overall. He just gives the vibe that he’s like “Yeah, this is my look, if you don’t like it, fuck off.” He’s the nerd who loves his job and still isn’t really sure how he got it, but is happy with his life and everyone else can fuck off. McAdoo is an enigma to me, but fuck it, if it works, it works. You do you Benny boy.


So yeah, I pretty much nailed how to break down games and if I were John Gruden – man, I’d be scared…