The latest video of Tom Brady is a bit much in my opinion.

Listen, I think I’m a pretty progressive New York sports fan. I got Red Sox friends, Pats friends, Celtics friends. I can watch games with them and not be a complete tool-bag dickhead.

I’ve come to terms with the Patriots as just like the Evil Empire but they never really shoved it in my face. Gronk has been entertaining to me as that lovable jock idiot, but this commercial may be bringing all the hate back…

I don’t want to sit here and say like “Fuck Tom Brady, and the Patriots… and all of Boston” but like, yeah… Fuck them.

If you cheated and got away with it, SHUT THE FUCK UP about it. Yes, it’s old news so let it be OLD NEWS.

But if you want to bring it to my attention you cheated and now you think it’s a joke – you are shit. Now I just want to remind all Patriots fans that even though they look great this season, the Giants look like they’ll find themselves in the playoffs as well and we know how this story ends. So Tom Brady, honestly just STFU already.



18 & 1 GIANT Loss (STILL Celebrating),


*Side-note: Shout-out to Foot Locker for somehow convincing TB12 to do this commercial in the first place, but honestly, this is just making me hate the Patriots, not buy shoes AT A STORE (What is this 1999?!).