Sorry for the week delay guys, shit happens down under though, emiright?? Anyways I’m gonna save the long “updating ya’ll on how Australia is” paragraph. You’re here for the music that’ll make the chicks at your party want to suck it dry. So why not get right into the bangers?! Special treat this week with some new jams that slide through the back door, along with some throwbacks as well. You won’t even need an explanatory paragraph on each song. Click play, and commence ovulation. 3-2-1, Let’s Fu*k.

Let’s start off with the new guys…

1.) Audien- Crazy Love (feat. Deb’s Daughter)

2.) Olly Murs- You Don’t Know Love

3.) Mashd N Kutcher- My Sunshine

4.) LunchMoney Lewis- Ain’t Too Cool

5.) Martin Garrix ft. Bebe Rexha – In The Name of Love (The Him Remix)

6.) Galantis & Hook N Sling- Love On Me (Paris Blohm Remix)


Now, throwing it wayyyyyy back back back back… GONE!!!

home run derby chris berman

1.) Strange Talk- Morning Sun (Dillon Francis Remix)

2.) Penguin Prison- Show Me The Way

3.) Earth, Wind, & Fire- September (Taylor Wise Remix)

4.) Baha Men- Who Let The Dogs Out (Barking Mad Mix) – QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST PARTY SONG EVER CREATED BTW

5.) Viceroy- The Life (feat. Penguin Prison)

6.) Nelly- The Fix (Karmadella Remix)

Highly recommend watching this video if you want to get a little chub (from something besides how dope the song is).


That’s all I got for you guys this week! Like I said, I apologize for the delay, won’t happen again. Huge Turkey Day coming up next week, eat some grub for me considering they don’t celebrate that shit over here… fucking kangaroos.

Make ‘er squirt this weekend boys! See ya next week.