Slick Rick Porcello is your 2016 Cy Young Award winner.  Deserving?  Absolutely.  Am I happy for him?  Oh hell yeah.  Was he the guy that should have won it?  Probably not.  

Porcello had an incredible bounceback year after a tumultuous 2015.  Before he threw a single pitch in a Red Sox uniform, he signed a four year extension causing Red Sox fans and baseball gurus to scratch their head.  Yeah he’s good, but is he that good to the point where the front office felt like they needed to lock him up for a few years?  This, coming from a team that wouldn’t throw enough dollars or years at the cornerstone and rock of their starting rotation earlier that very off season was very perplexing.  

Porcello struggled.  He did not live up to his contract.  Fans were pissed.  He was inconsistent.  Eventually, he was hurt.  However, when Pretty Ricky came off the DL in August of 2015, he showed some goddamn life.  He was pitching better.  Maybe this guy wasn’t so bad afterall?

Then 2016 rolled along.  The pressure was supposed to be off of Porcello.  He didn’t have to be the ace.  He wasn’t “the guy,” but when it was all said and done, he was.  For the first half of the year, he threw great, but critics were just waiting for him to implode.  But here’s the crazy thing; they didn’t.  Attitudes of Porcello went from “Christ let’s hope he gets through five innings” to “Porcello’s on the mound tonight? Oh that’s a W.”  Between him and Hanley, nobody has won back a franchise’s love so much.  Rick Porcello had one of the great bounceback seasons of all time.

Enter Justin Verlander.  We all know Verlander.  He was the best pitcher in baseball for a while.  He was the best pitcher on a team that had Max Scherzer (this year’s NL Cy Young winner) and Rick Porcello.  And then he got a taste of that sweet Kate Upton pussy.  Things went downhill real fast for Verlander.  His ERA went up and his velocity went down.  The life on his fastball was growing old and decrepit.  It looked like Verlander’s days of being a dominant starter were over.

Then this year happened.  I don’t know if he got motivated because everyone saw his dick in The Fappening, or if Kate Upton was withholding sex, but Verlander snapped back into it and despite having a 20-22 record with an ERA around 4 and posting the worst WHIP of his career since 2008 (his worst season), put up an unbelievable 2016.  Verlander was BACK baby.  He pitched so well in 2016, that he actually got the most first place votes for the Cy Young Award, but was also left off of two ballots completely.  

Take a look at the numbers without the names:

Player A: 16-9, 3.04 ERA, 254 K, 1.00 WHIP

Player B: 22-4, 3.15 ERA, 189 K, 1.01 WHIP

I’m a simple man.  I look at ERA, strikeouts and WHIP to determine the quality of a pitcher.  Player A is Verlander and Player B is Porcello.  Obviously other than wins, Verlander was the better pitcher.  In fact, he was the best all around starter in the American League this year based on those stats.  Yet two people left him of their ballots completely.  How?  How can you look at those numbers and say “you know what? There were five guys better than that.”  How can a guy get the most first place votes, by SIX votes (that’s 20%) be left off of two ballots completely?  I really am not a conspiracy guy, but this has GOT to be because the two guys who failed to include him just don’t like Verlander for some reason.  That’s literally the only reason.  

So in summation, I’m really pumped for Rick Porcello, but I also think Verlander should have won, and so does Kate Upton.

Kate Upton is BACK.