Honestly, I never really “got” Klay Thompson. He seemed too quiet and his faded hair is stupid. I just never was a big fan.

Then Durant joined his team, made them the evil empire and so now I hate everything about the Warriors. They’re the top dogs and I hate those types of teams.

Then this…

“Hard-o” move at it’s finest.

But what pisses me off most here – COORS LIGHT?!

Klay Thompson being a Coors Light guy is too perfect. What a pussy bitch.

I’m from the school of thought that Bud always trumps Coors, Bud Light trumps Coors Light, and obviously Natty trumps Keystone.

I’m glad Klay is a Coors guys so I can officially hate him for something more than his stupid-ass hair now.

Fuck the Warriors, and fuck Coors Light.



Natty for Life,



Side-note: why the fuck did he look like he took a shot, or was like “Oh man, this drink was so stiff” after he drinks it!? GOD DAMN, FUCK KLAY THOMPSON!!!!!!