So it’s a bit late, and I’m the only one to blame, but Miller’s college football preview is back live for another week. 

 This week is already off to an unreal start with Louisville going down, just giving us an encore of last week where three of the top four, and five of the top ten, teams dropped games. Hell, even Ohio State is in a close one with Michigan State late, but they’re up 7 in the fourth. They’ll pull it out.

That being said let’s take a look at the later games:

Washington State at Colorado– 3:30 on Fox:


  • Great offense against a stout defense. The top team in the Pac-12 North playing the top team in the Pac-12 South. This is an all around classic matchup.
  • Now, I got love for the Cougs, my brother actually is a student there, so I have to show praise. But they have NO SHOT against Colorado today. Bless their hearts, they’ve made SUCH a good run, winning 8 straight, (Would be much better if they didn’t drop their first two games to Eastern Washington and Boise State… YIKES) but it will not be enough. 
    • Colorado should win handily in this one, but have no fear Cougs fans! Y’all take advantage of the opportunity against Washington next week and you will win the Pac-12 North outright. Opportunity will still be there, y’all just have to seize it.


Oklahoma at West Virginia– 8:00 on ESPN:


  • Is Oklahoma actually back in contention for the playoff?! How in the hell did this happen?!? *Refreshes memory about the past week’s chaos* 
    • OH RIGHT. This season has been unbelievable, and everybody has been counting the Sooners out since they lost to Houston in week one, but they’re back, and they’re looking unbelievable, much like USC. Look for the Sooners offense to keep rolling tonight, just like I said about USC (current theme here), as they move into Morgantown to take on the Mountaineers.
  • Also, shout out to the over. Looking great right now.

USC at UCLA– 10:30 on ESPN:


  • You may be thinking UCLA isn’t good this year, and curious as to why this game is even on here. Well the answer is simple, this is an amazing rivalry game. It’s potentially one of the best in college football. So much history and so much tradition. Plus, it literally tears one of America’s biggest cities in half, which always ensures a passionate game.
    • That being said, USC, has been making some real noise lately. Is it enough for them to make the playoff? No shot. But it has been nothing short of impressive. Because of this, I love the Trojans winning. 
      • Will they cover as well? You betcha.

Well there you have it, a bit of a calm before the storm, but as we saw last week literally ANYTHING can happen in college football. Best of luck to all of your teams and your wallets this evening.