Not sure what prompted either party here to say anything if we’re being honest, but love the idea of getting some bad blood going between the Giants and Cowboys.

Sterling Shepard, after the Giants win over the Bears yesterday, posted this on Instagram:

Dem boyz!

A photo posted by Sterling Shepard (@sterl_shep3) on Nov 20, 2016 at 3:49pm PST


The caption “Dem boyz” evidently was something Cowboys RB (and potential MVP candidate) Ezekiel Elliot took note of as he commented “Thats us bum lol”.

Okay, first off, “bum” is a little harsh for a fucking rookie who’s got 5 TD’s under his belt Zeke, you jackass.

Second, why are you following Sterling Shepard on Instagram? If he’s a “bum” – maybe don’t troll him… Do you follow Larry Donnell or Ryan Nassib just in the event these guys MIGHT post something that could be taken as a dig at your team?

Honestly, whatever… If Shepard wants to call us “Dem boys“, well then guess what Zeke? Fuck you – maybe we are “DEM BOYS”. We whooped your ass Week 1 and we’ll be back December 11th to whoop your ass again to re-claim that title.

A Cowboys-Giants feud would be great if we’re all being honest. I need more bad blood in the NFC East and two rookies calling each other out would be a nice seed to planet early in their careers.

Fuck Zeke, Fuck Dallas, LET’S GO BIG BLUE!!!



Clearly Too High Off a Bears Win,