Need to give a shout-out to Big FudgeBig Fudge and every other New York Jet die-hard out there who stuck by the team after this one on that infamous November 22, 2012…

It really sums up the crash and burn that was Mark Sanchez’s Jets career in one play…

Sanchez Butt Fumble.jpg

And shout-out to the internet for firing literally four years of GOLDEN butt fumble hilarity over the years…

Miley Cyrus Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble.jpg

Like how do people come up with this shit?


And this guy dropping buku bucks for a jersey to commemorate his misery is so “New York” it almost pains me… But still doesn’t cuz it’s fucking hilarious.

Regardless, shout-out to Mark Sanchez, his unbelievable career, his two AFC Championship appearances, and his unreal butt fumble from just 4 short years ago!!



Green Means Go (though not recently…),