We’ve reached our third Monday in Movember and we got a lot of exciting stuff going on for team “Make Mustaches Great Again“.

For starters, shout-out to Oakheart Rum, our *unofficial* official sponsors for motivating me (aka getting me blackout) on #SportcoatSaturday and convincing me to take the training wheels off and shave my goatee down to an absolutely FUEGO stache. It had me nervous to go to work with such a sexually aggressive mustache, but I was assured by our Board of Trustee’s (a few of the janitors) that we have some solid flood insurance so we were good.

If you haven’t yet, check out the team page, donate to your favorite member of the team, and just give us a hand in wailing cancer square in the nuts.

fail nutshot

(Cancer is the idiot who volunteered for that fucking job btw for any window lickers reading this)

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone who’s donated so far, we are absolutely killing it with over $650 raised and it only seems to keep climbing.

So let’s keep up the good stuff… Fuck cancer and let’s moooooooooooo!!!



The Manliest I’ve Looked in 11 Months,