I wrote an article before the NFL season began about how the Jets would win the Super Bowl (LOLZ). However, I did begin that article by say that this was probably not going to happen because they are the “same old Jets.” It is very fitting that today is the four year anniversary of the “Butt Fumble” because it really shows how this team has not changed and NEVER WILL.

Yesterday, the Jets announced that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starting quarter back this week against our old friends, the New England Patriots. This is an interesting decision. How do I phrase how I feel about this? Oh, I know….WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK ARE THESE MORONS THINKING!! How? How can they justify this decision? They can’t! I have been an adamant supporter of this franchise. I usually can find the tiny tiny tiny bit of logic that usually exists within their idiotic moves, but this one? This one is going too far. Jets fans have every right to lose their goddamn minds over this.


Ryan Fitzpatrick is the last ranked QB in the NFL. That’s an NFL that has QBs like Case Keenum, Brock Osweiler, and Josh McCown. How could it possibly be better to start this guy over young guys? It wont get fans to buy tickets, it wont help us win, And most importantly, it wont help us figure out who the fuck our QB is going to be next year!! I have gotten mad at the Jets before but this may take the cake.


Bowles, Fuck you. Maccagnan, Fuck you. Fitz and your $12 Mil, Fuck you.

This is a little piece of audio from the butt fumble game that I heard that describes what it is like to be a Jets fan. It sums it up beautifully and I would like this to end the article because I could never write words that sum up how I feel better than this audio. Enjoy.