Tomorrow marks the day fella’s. Tomorrow we get to see who in the Taylor family can eat the most, drink the most, (not explode the most) and just overall who’s rocking the biggest hog.

I know for a fact we will have some savage contenders this year, so I wanted to break down the competition as it is FIERCE this year.


Tay Tay – A three time champion, this guy knows his way around a Turkey. When he’s not found crunching numbers and having fun playing on his TI-89, he is almost certainly found eating. From an early age Tay’s favorite food was mashed potatoes and that obviously gives him an advantage on Turkey Day.

Vegas odds: 6-1

Jake – Impossible to not name him the favorite, Jake has won 6 out of the 11 years. He’s been known to be like, “Yeah, I don’t think I’m really going for it this year” and instead weigh out at 13 pounds because he just doesn’t stop. There are many pure-bred race horses in this show, and then there are work-horses… And well this guy is a damn oxen.

Vegas odds: 5-2

Poppa Tayls – The old man has taken the title a few years but his most recent was back in 2010. Sometimes when the next generation learns how to eat, it’s time to step aside and let the boys eats. If you’re looking for a payout, this is your bet, but you’re banking on a lot of great competitors blowing it pretty hard.

Vegas odds: 15-1

Producer Tim – So next up we got Tim (producer of the In My Face?! podcast) who tasted sweet victory for the first and only time two years ago. Tim is the young gun who is always poised to try and steal a “W” from the older brothers. He has the grit to do it and we know he’ll push himself to unfair limits to win things*. Tim may be the field’s 2nd favorite.

Vegas odds: 5-1

@WCS_Taylor – Making odds on yourself is difficult, however, I am a professional, so I’m not too worried about it. I know how much I’ve weighed out over the years and if there’s a safe best of the day, it’s a 10 lbs weigh-out from me. Maybe if I’m feeling good that number can go up a little, but 10 lbs out of me is about as safe a bet that exists. Will I be feeling “good”? Will 10 lbs be enough? WE DON’T KNOW. That’s why we play the game. ANY GIVEN SUNDAY THANKSGIVING.

Vegas odds: 6-1

The Field – This includes anyone else in our competition: aunts, uncles, cousins, boyfriends, etc. We’ve had people from “the field” compete before but with pretty average weigh-outs (like between 3 and 7 pounds). It truly speaks volumes of what insanity it takes to get into double digits, but honestly, we never know in 2016 if what we think is unbelievable actually happens (Cavs, Cubs, Trump). Impossible is Nothing.

Vegas odds: 1000-3



Alright, that concludes this year’s lead-up to the competition. Tomorrow, stay tuned to @WCS_Taylor as he’s sure to live tweet the event.