What’s up playa’s? Sorry for the delay. Hope everyone had a great time being with family and friends on the glorious day of feasting. Got some old school relaxing vibes in this week’s lineup. Let’s get right to it.

1.) AER- Wondering Why

Old jam, but hella appropriate. AER pumps out the slick vibes with the tropical tone (which you know I LIVE for). This tune in particular chills you the F out with some laiud back lyrics and some nice instrumental beats. Smooth like the gravy flowing through the mashed potatoes baby.

2.) Blue Scholars- New People

Again, going deep into the archives for this one. Super chillness coming from the boys from Blue Scholars. Flowing raps and good upbeat vibes just get me wiiiickeddddd fahhhhhkin hahhhhhhhd.

3.) Zion 1- Coastin’ (feat. K Flay)

Initiate Splash Party.

4.) Mac Miller- Missed Calls (Nobody’s Home Yet Remix)

Old school Mac (The best Mac) with a little flavor. This remix fucks.

5.) Jay Z- Roc Boys (Matoma Remix)

Quite possibly the best tropical song ever created. And it’s Matoma… So wet.

wet caution slippery

Alright, have a killer week boys! Signing off from Aussieland.