THIS guy was a bully?! Bull(y) shit!!

nbc the office office andy nailed it

Richie Incognito evidently thinks gaining 9.4 lbs on Thanksgiving is a feat…  Like he’s the only weight gaining competition on planet Earth?!

Hey Richie, I weigh probably a third of Eric Wood and gained 9 lbs. Producer Tim who SHARED the title with the oldest Taylor, gained 11 lbs.. Maybe don’t be so fast to name a “Champion of the World” when just a few hours east on Route 90, some New Yorkers are clowning on you – in your own state!

burn oh snap fez

Next year if you want to take off your diaper and see how real men eat and gain weight – you let me know. Until then, you just keep my brother (from another mother – Tyrod) clean and get our Bills into the playoffs!



Circle the Wagons,



P.S. Congrats to Tim and Jake on the title. A true testiment to what hard work and the type of apetite erecting decks all day can be. If your deck is a bit weathered and just needs a good tuning, contact T-3 Construction and they’ll be happy to lay some nice wood and give you the deck you’ve always wanted – no pills required!

Two Guys – BIG DECKS!