28 days later and team “Make Mustaches Great Again” has destroyed any and all expectations that I had for the boys.

For starters, let’s talk about the non-monetary part of this – our mustaches have brought tons of people into the conversation of “Why are you doing this?” And our answer is simple – “To raise awareness for men’s health (while lowering the ladies’ panties) and raising donations along the way to help fight cancer.”

That simple conversation may be enough to get uncle Marty to get his prostate checked and help save his life. Or, that conversation may be enough to entice that rich cousin Harry to toss that extra hundred bucks for cancer research that could kill that bitch cancer forever. OR (and this is my favorite) that conversation could get that girl at the bar who’s been eyeing your stache all night to realize what a great and selfless guy you are, and she’ll in for a night of endless pleasure.

Regardless of where the conversation takes us, there’s one common theme – IT’S ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

Anyways, we’ve raised over $800 and with just a few days left the team wants to get the bump up over $1,000 and we sincerely believe we can. So if you’re still looking to donate, go here. That’s not even a link to my page particularly, I am just here for the greater good so donate to whomever!

Kenny Powers Quote.jpg

I sincerely appreciate any and all support. Movember has been awesome. Stay tuned for a final photo montage of the entire team.



Cancer No Mo,