I mean, I don’t think I’d be doing my job if I didn’t give a shout-out to one of the GOAT’s just showing everyone why he is the GOAT… You think this play is going to be a run to the right with LeGarrette Blount just trucking Jets defenders, and instead the brilliance of New England shines through again.

Things we didn’t know about Tom Brady, he also is a bruising run blocker!!


I mean this is just some gold stuff. He literally is running as though he is not sure if he should even touch the other team, while protecting himself from getting LIT the fuck up.

On the flip side, uhhh Jets? Can you fucking jack that guy up please? You have the opposing quarterback, a bitter rival to your team (most Jets fans would believe at least), a guy that owns your nuts, and you let him off the hook? Make that asshole pay for stepping in front of you… NUT UP!!!

Look here, the Chiefs see Brady faking like he’s a real football player and what do they do? THEY LIGHT HIS ASS UP!!

I’m not saying what Brady did wasn’t smart – actually, a Pats fans probably would be happier if he stayed behind the line and was just like, “Nah, LG, you got this one!”

Regardless, you got to blow Brady up every chance you can.

Anway, @TB12, while I respect you – that play made you look softer than the post Thanksgiving explosion I left in Upstate NY (sorry fam).



Love to Hate,