Honestly… What has America come to?

We used to be #1… We used to smoke cigarettes in bars… We used to be able to trade with (aka steal from) Indians for the entire continent… We used to be able to shoot wild buffalo for sport… We used to be able to own slaves !! America truly was a land of FREEDOM (and okay maybe a hint of lawlessness and immorality)!!

But this shit from America’s past time – the MLB?! THIS IS SOME BENEDICT ARNOLD SHIT!!

The MLB has come out and ruled that smokeless tobacco is illegal for new players but will be grandfathered in for the existing players.

Well, I for one HATE this rule – just like every rule that’s out there made to protect us from our own good.

For example, if I don’t want to wear a fucking seatbelt, then I’m not going to wear a seatbelt and enjoy the risk of getting in an accident and flying through the air (in tremendous fashion I presume) to my death… BUT, it is no one’s duty to REGULATE that my from clicking my belt. FUCK. THAT.

I’ll chose how to live my life and so should major leaguers!! If they want to throw in a chaw-dog during the game, THROW HER IN!! You worked hard, you earned it!!

I think this is just another liberal “limit my freedom” move and before you know it, they won’t allow drinking at sporting events or something retarded.

MLB, I am very disappointed in this move. You clearly are #WithHer and I for one have taken notice.



You Can Take My Chaw but You Can Never Take My Guns,