Wow, so we at Water Cooler Sports have been off our game and we can honestly sit here and point fingers, but really it’s probably a combination of the tryptophan and the booze finally eeking out from Thanksgiving, so let’s everybody just fucking get over it… The big news is: WE’RE BAAAAACK!! A few days off to rest the body is always good anyways (because blogging can be so taxing).

Luckily we’ve been given gold material over the last few days and there’s a lot to be thankful for – let’s keep that shit going. Being thankful for all the greatness in the world (but mostly New York) is awesome. Let’s get to it.

Top 5 things we New Yorker’s should be thankful for…

1) That we traded JR Smith. Okay, I was literally one of the biggest JR Smith supporters when he was a Knick. I was. I defended him by saying, “He is what he is” or “we need him to do exactly what he does” (which was shoot whenever he touched the ball and try to take over when Melo was “resting”). But here’s the thing – there was a lot of side-show idiot shit that JR did and the latest is… well? FUEGO!!

Like honestly, if he had done this as a Knick… like he took a play off to hug an opposing player my head would FUCKING explode.

So (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), I’m thankful that these antics are no longer in NY. We suffered as the shit-eaters of the NBA for long enough and now we have some guys who try hard and don’t fuck around all day (@JRSmith).

Also, his post-game presser was electric as well ICYMI…

Okay, enough beating up on JR. He won us some games (probably based on Sabermetrics* he won us like 5), but we had fun. Now thank god we’re done with this guy.

2) THE GIANTS ARE SUPER BOWL BOUND!!! Okay maybe I’m not really a #belieber here just yet, but I am STOKED to be 8-3. Surrrrre we only won 2 games against teams above .500 (@Cowboys Week 1 and Ravens Week 6) BUT the fact that we are winning games means at least something!! And I am fucking thankful as shit for that. I’d rather be this team with a winning record that maybe gets into the playoffs and catch fire and then, ya know, WHO KNOWS what could happen next…

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! We’ve been that team before and we can do it again. God I love being a Giants fan!!

3) The Knicks are .500. Sure this is a sad “thing to be thankful for” but you have to understand the agony of watching 82 games and losing basically EVERY SINGLE close game… And if it wasn’t close, it us being down by 25, making runs to cut it to 10, then back to down 25 and the saga continued nightly… FOR YEARS!!

I can’t express how happy it makes me to see this team compete and even more so watch players who TRY. I know that seems insane, but Melo isn’t a “try-hard”, and his leadership (or lack there of) was infectious and he made everyone else do “The Melo” and look cool as shit by not trying. Because trying hard isn’t cool… That’s for nerds. And Melo’s no nerd.

Anyway, I digressed a bit there. I am just pumped we have a new big three in town!!

New York Knicks Big Three Kuzminskas Porzingis Hernangomez NYK.png

4) Cespedes… Just Ces. Alright, yes, I play both New York baseball teams… But isn’t it kinda sick that a MET, not a Yankee, a MET, stayed in New York AND that he did so while demanding a no trade clause because he doesn’t want to move anymore. He wants to be here and he wants to be a Met.

Obviously a franchise with great young pitching needs some offense and he provides that, but even greater that it keeps some chemistry and honestly, the guy is the shit. Exhibit A-Z:

5) For Notre Dame Football being butt-cheeks. Wait, WAIT… WHAT?!?! Yes, I fucking said it. Consider me a maniac and I maybe am a freak, but every once in a while I need a really bad shit year from these guys – and they gave it to me. HARD. In a year I didn’t really expect it at all. It sucked quite frankly.

BUT, I’ve enjoyed A LOT of great football from ND over the years (dating back to Brady Quinn, and more recently the Tommy Rees’ 4th quarter “closing games” days) and I can honestly say I feel really lucky to have been that good and that scrappy a team for that long. We needed a dosage of true unadulterated shit, so we can enjoy it that much more when we win a title next year.

So yeah, I’m nuts… But thanks for the bad also. At least I don’t root for a whole conference #subtweet.


Alright, that’s it for being thankful. I’m sure I’ll be right back to my not so grateful shit self in no time, as I am a New Yorker and as such will easily flip at any second.



Also Thankful for the Haters,




*= Sabermetrics in this case in based in no part by statistics and moreso my eyeball test and memory of how many games I’ll credit him with. Feel free to challenge 5 as how many JR won us. I’m confident you can’t.