Chris Sale is changing sox mother fucker!  It almost happened over the summer before the trade deadline, but the asking price at that point was just too much.  Rumor has it, the White Sox were looking to get Betts and Benintendi among other prospects in return for Sale.  Well thank fucking God the Red Sox didn’t send Betts packing (not likely they would have) and personally I’m a big fan of Benintendi so I’m glad they held onto him as well.  It obviously hurts a bit that the Red Sox lost Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech, but you bet your ass I’m all fucking in on this deal.

As everyone knows, Moncada is the top prospect in baseball.  As a Sox fan, I see some Red Sox fans are freaking out about this and I get it to an extent.  Moncada is potentially a once in a generation talent.  The key word is “potentially.”  But the thing is in order to land great players, you have to let go of potentially great prospects.  The Red Sox needed a front line starter and Dombrowski went out and got a really fucking good one.

But if you’re still sad I’m going to try and spin this for you.  Look at some of the other Cuban ball players that have come over with high ceilings?  Cespedes, Abreu, Puig, Rusney Castillo? Cespedes and Abreu both pretty good, but haven’t really lived up to the absolute stud they were expected to.  Basically what I’m saying is that I would trade an Abreu or a Cespedes for Chris Sale and if Moncada is going to be like one of those guys then I’ll take the starting pitching.

Is that a stretch?  Absolutely, but deep down I am a bit sad Yoan is leaving so I had to say something to make me feel better.  Kopech is another one that hurts too.  I was excited to get the chance to see him throw his 190 miles per hour fastballs for years, but I’ll take a proven perennial Cy Young candidate in the prime of his career that is making less money than Rich fucking Hill over a top prospect.  Plus they held onto Groome, who’s their top pitching prospect.

What it all boils down to is that Chris Sale is one of the best pitchers in baseball and the Red Sox rotation is immediately one of the best in the league.  When you can’t decide the order of the top three pitchers in your rotation, you’re in a good place to be.  God damnit this is great!

Now let’s get my pop to the front office STAT!IMG_5738.PNG