As I’ve written earlier this year, I’m probably a little bit more than a casual college football fan.  I’m not even close to Miller’s territory, but I would say that I’m more than casual for sure.  So here I sit watching the world burn after the top four teams were chosen.  People barking out about how it should be an eight team playoff and then others saying “Yeah well if it’s an 8 team playoff, you might as well go with a 16 playoff!”  People arguing about resumes, strength of schedules (are those not the same thing?), good losses, bad wins and of course, the eye test makes me think that there has to be a better way.  

Look, I’m a doer.  I like to fix problems and I’d be happy to give the Committee some constructive criticism on how to make the most people happy.  For this year, I have two really good ideas.  The first is about the scheduling of the games.  I will never for the life of me understand why they decided to have these playoff games on fucking New Years Eve.  It’s so inconvenient and here’s an example why:

Last year, I obviously gambled on the games, but moreso I just wanted to watch them because I recalled from 2014 that they were great games.  Well on New Years Eve, your boy had to go to a bar that was turned into a speakeasy with his lady.  On top of that, I had to dress the goddamn part.  So naturally I just threw on a suit and called it a day, but that’s neither here nor there.  What happened though is that we went to this bar and there were no TVs.  They had also blocked the goddamn cell service to give it a more authentic feel.  So there I was on New Year’s Eve without access to a television or a phone to check the score of the game.  That was awful.

Now I try to be a pretty positive guy and I will say that the bar looked cool and they did a nice little job creating the aura of a speakeasy.  The drinks were delicious and strong and for $30 it was a good deal (minus the lack of outside contact).  I had a nice time with the lady and although the clientele attending this party wasn’t quite in my wheelhouse, we had a lot fun.

But the point is that I couldn’t watch the night game and I know that I’m not the only guy that ran into this problem.  If you’re like me, New Years is more depressing than it is exciting.  You know what cheers me up?  Watching good, exciting football games.  You know what pisses me off?  Being told “we have to go now, come on stop watching TV we have to go we’re going to be late!” when all I want to do is watch the game.  So move the goddamn games off of New Years Eve.  

Oh it’s too late to make that switch?  Alright well then move the Alabama/Washington game to the 7:00 slot.  Seriously.  Most guys that have get to go out with their significant others are not going to be able to watch the night game.  We will be able to watch the 3:00 game while the ladies are running around like a chicken with their heads cut off trying to get ready.  We know Alabama is going to win by 1000.  Put Ohio State and Clemson on at 3:00.  It’s the right thing to do and it’s not too late.

Alright so here’s the second idea and I am actually all in on this one.  Other than the time slots, the biggest controversy this year surrounding the Final Four is that Penn State didn’t get in.  Personally, it doesn’t matter to me.  I think if you plugged Penn State in for Washington then Alabama would still win by a million.  So here’s my idea:

Alabama is just too good this year.  Their closest game was 10-0 at LSU.  They were 24 point favorites in the SEC Championship game and covered with ease against a “stout” Florida defense.  They are going to win the National Championship.  So since this is a foregone conclusion, eliminate them from the Final Four.  

Now your final four is:

  1. Clemson
  2. Ohio State
  3. Washington
  4. Penn State

I think those are all going to be great goddamn games.  But what happens to Bama, you may ask.  Well the National Championship is January 9th so on the next day or the following Monday you have Alabama play the Cleveland Browns.  Not only do they play, but you set stakes for the game.  Ready for this?

If Alabama beats the Browns, Cleveland does not get a first round pick in the upcoming draft.  However, if Cleveland wins, they can pick any five players from Alabama to join the Browns on the spot.  That would be absolutely electric.  Cleveland essentially playing for the first pick in the draft AND five players.  Everyone would tune into that one.

I’ve gone on the record saying that when people say “Could Alabama beat the Jags” or “Could Kentucky beat the Sixers” I call it a hard no.  But I really think this year’s Alabama team vs this year’s Cleveland Browns would be a good game.  I think the line would start at Browns -6.5, but possibly shrink to like Browns -3.5.  I wish just once they would let this happen.

Though the bigger point is that now you have three really exciting games for the College Football Playoffs AND Bama vs the Browns.  Problem solved.  Everyone is happy.  Ketch to the rescue again.