Okay, so Chris Sale just got traded to the Red Sox and I keep hearing the top prospect in the MLB, Yoan Moncada, is “a lot” to give up for him…

Listen, when you get one of the best in the big leagues, you don’t give a shit about the POTENTIAL of the price – YOU KNOW WHAT YOU GOT!!! Hording potential is what the Sixers do… you wanna be a Sixers fan Boston?!

Listen, the dude had a 3.34 ERA, had a Major league high SIX complete games and (only because the White Sox didn’t have his back) won JUST 17 games… Side-note, the guy had another major league leading stat – 17 hit batters last year!! Sooooo KIND OF a wild-card, which is always awesome.

Regardless, I want Red Sox Nation to cool it with the “we gave up too much” schpiel. SHUT IT. You pay for want you get (see: Carmelo Anthony LOLOLOLOL).



Win Now, Fuck Later*,




*= That is a President Trump motto I believe.