We lost our first tight game of the year last night, something I can say I’ve seen 700 times over the last few years, so I’m not going berserk over it… In fact I’m completely immune to those sort of losses.

In fact, my reaction to last night was that it was a fucking AWESOME game that said a lot about us.

With D-Rose hurt and Melo shooting AWFUL, our team made QUITE a comeback… Oh, and our team has a bad-ass side to them I’m thrilled to have seen.

Let me just say this, Marques Chriss is a fucking asshole… Watch this play:

I get the “try to take a charge on KP” by Bledsoe, but Chriss throwing him to the ground was trash. He did this because a few plays before KP fouled him hard on the other end so he wanted revenge. FUCK THAT.

And I LOVE that KP got up, shoved him and the team was ALL ABOUT getting his back, including our resident bad-ass Jennings, who hiked his shorts up like he was ready to fucking brawl with Chriss in the back alley of a bar… LET’S FUCKING GOOOO!!!!

If we have a team that rallies like that for our prized possession, we have a team I love. LOVE. And I haven’t used to “L” word on these guys since…

new york knicks

We’re 2-1 on this 5 game West Coast trip with the Warriors next… “The Battle of the Super Teams” as they’re calling it.

Let’s go Knicks. FUCK Marques Chriss.



Protective of Our Unicorn,