Here we are folks. This is the day on our calendars we all had marked. I had predicted his as a win way back when, and I’m fairly certain I’ll be right…

How can I say that?


I know, Taylor you must be high… Zaza Pachulia is a journeyman who doesn’t add shit to that lineup.

Well guess what jackasses, I ran the Sabermetrics and Zaza is kiiiiiinda a big deal for this Warriors squad…

Sure he’s only played 18 minutes a game, BUT, he has the 2nd best DBPM on the team (which measures how many fewer points per game you allow compared to the team average), only behind Draymond Green. So he’s basically only a step down from Draymond by that logic.

Holy fuck, they’re missing (almost) ‘Draymond Green’?

Redneck Island cmt here we go

I know, NOW you know why I’m confident in this Knicks win tonight.

Fun Fact: I know I’m acting like he just got hurt but they haven’t had Zaza in a week and they’re 2-1 without him… I think they drop to .500 tonight without him and people start to realize how important he is as a defensive stronghold.

You heard it here first, the Zaza-less Warriors take it deep from the Rose-less Knicks.



Superteams Collide,