Always better to be proactive than reactive as they say…

I hear the league wants to investigate the New York Giants’ use of a two-way walkie talkie on Sunday’s win over the Cowboys (#neverforget) and I GET THAT but maybe what we should be investigating isn’t that we needed to use a walkie talkie to give Eli the play-call… Maybe we need to ask why wasn’t the previous headset working in the first place?!

Let’s turn this shit on its head – maybe Dallas and the NFL purposely and deliberately cut the Giants communication, and McAdoo, quick on his feet, had an assistant run out to his windowless van and grab a walkie talkie from his toy chest so he could communicate again with Eli.

Some call it cheating, others will call it being resourceful. I think the Giants did what they had to do. I don’t think there is foul play here. I think we don’t look into WHY McAdoo still plays with Walkie Talkies.

I just think we need to sweep this one under the rug for everyone’s sake. We don’t need to find out Dallas has been potentially cutting off radio signals to other teams during games and we don’t need to discover what all believe to be true about Coach McAdoo.

Let’s all just say “Boys will be boys” and let this one go. Besides, the Steelers cheated earlier this yearthe Steelers cheated earlier this year and THAT was ignored completely. Let’s not make this a THING.

Glad I could quell this before it gets out of hand.



Making Mountains out of Mole Hills,