Our two last articles were a drunk Ketch reading Christmas stories¬†and an angry Big Fudge venting about his NYC commute (also taking shots at apes, totally uncalled for)… So this is a little different kind of post – THIS is America.

Last night, after Notre Dame throttled Colgate, Matt Farrell’s brother, Bo – a US Army lieutenant, appeared on the jumbo-tron with a “Happy Holidays” message to the Notre Dame crowd… and then this happened:

There is sincerely nothing better than military members coming home, but they mixed this with sports and the holidays and yeah… That may or may not have (but definitely did) choke me up a little.

Fuck yeah Bo Farrell!! Thanks for serving and keeping us safe and thrilled you got the opportunity to do that last night.

Let’s go America and let’s go Notre Dame!!



Love it or Leave it,



P.S. We need to write more about Matt Farrell and here’s why:

Matt Farrel Is The Man.jpg