Well folks, the day has arrived. The battle for the coveted title of “New York’s College Team” – St. John’s Red Storm vs. Syracuse Orange!

I am a St. John’s fan but I also spent my formative years in the city of Syracuse so I really have seen both sides of this coin. The rivalry definitely has lacked in its luster in recent years, but in my eyes, the fire is raging as large as it ever has. I do wish things had not changed the way they did though. Where do I even begin with the back story of this once epic rivalry?



Let’s start with a time when the world of college sports was a more innocent place and money was not the only thing that effected college conferences. A time when the Big-10 didn’t have 14 schools and the Big East was the best that college basketball had to offer. This was a time when legends stayed for four years at their schools. When all-time greats like Chris Mullin and Pearl Washington battled it out year after year. That couldn’t last forever I suppose and the cowardice Syracuse University moved to the ACC because they were scared of the returning greatness they saw in St. John’s.

The rivalry became real for me the first time I ever went to a game at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Can you guess who the Orange were playing? That’s right! It was St. John’s!! This would be the last time the two teams would do battle against each other as conference rivals. As I looked around the extremely average arena that I found myself in, I noticed a banner hanging in the building. The erroneous banner, in reference to Syracuse, read, “New York’s College Team” – What the bleeping bleep is that garbage? Everyone knows that St. John’s,  who is located in New York City, who play at Madison Square Garden, are NEW YORK’S COLLEGE TEAM! The loser Syracuse fans, who live in the butt-hole of New York, can say whatever they want but we all know the truth.



The Overall record between the two programs is: 51-39 in favor of the Orange. This will be the first time that Chris Mullin is back in the Dome for a game since his playing days in the 1985 season (**cough cough** when he led St. John’s to the Final Four **cough cough**). We shall see how the next chapter of this re-kindled rivalry plays out tonight.

Johnnies are a big underdog and, to be honest, I’d stay away from that line. However, the over at 149.5 is a whole different story…

Bleep you Cuse! Let’s go Johnnies!




Chris Mullin Olympic Studio Portrait