Last night for the third time in two years, Grayson Allen intentionally tripped a player.  He was given a technical and then threw a tantrum on the bench.  After the game, he was in the locker room with microphones shoved in his face and was asked why he did it, will he do it again and how he was feeling.  Grayson was in tears and didn’t look any reporter in the eye when he spoke.  This reaction is the perfect formula for reasons to hate Grayson Allen.

What a little bitch, right?  Well, actually yeah.  But around the internet, the commentary was mostly the same about Grayson Allen: 

Get him some help?  Really, Skip?  For what?  Restless leg syndrome?

Anyways, I get it, I really do (other than Skip’s tweet).  But come on we all know that college basketball is a better place when the Grayson Allens of the world come to play.  Fans need this guy.  They need the guy to hate.  They need that country club white kid named “Grayson” or “Christian” from Duke to hit the big shots in their face.  They need his tears.  They need his triumph.  

If you don’t agree with that, you’re a liar.  You can hate Grayson Allen, but you can’t deny what he brings to the game of college basketball, both on the court and in the stands.  He’s a talking point for fans and not to mention, he’s a pretty fucking good player.  This isn’t Greg Paulus or JJ Reddick we are talking about.  Allen plays hard, attacks the rim and does a lot more than just shoot threes and that’s part of what pisses so many people off.

If you disagree then you’re basically telling me that Major League Baseball would have been better without A-Rod and Bonds.  Or that the NFL would would have been better without T.O.  BULLSHIT.  Sports needs villains and we need to embrace them.  I love how much of a villain Grayson Allen is.  Everytime he dominates, I love it.  Everytime he does something stupid, I love it.  It’s the beauty of sports.
UPDATE*** Grayson Allen has been suspended indefinitely for the tripping incident.  Alright Coach K, take it easy.  Indefinitely?  For tripping a guy?  Relax man.  Sit him a game and move on.  Christ this whole “could be three games, could be two weeks” shit is now making it about you, Coach K.  Give the fans what they want and let him play.