Tonight’s match-up with the Magic (whose lineup is a damn joke) seems like a cake walk… No joke, their highest point scorer is Evan Fournier (17.7 ppg), their best rebounder is Nikola Vucevic (10.9 rpg), and Elfrid Payton is their point guard (5.6 apg).

Listen to the names I just dropped… Fournier. Vucevic. Payton. If it seems like I don’t respect the Magic, it’s because I don’t. But that gives me a little bit of worry here. How easy would it be to walk into the Garden, expect an easy win at home, and we just BLOW IT??

Now, luckily we are riding high off a comeback win over Indiana, and hopefully Melo heard the comments from George Karl (that fat jackass) and he comes out with a chip on his shoulder… BUT I’ve watched this franchise for too long to expect what I think will happen, to actually happen.

The line right now is -5 Knicks and I think that’s a bit much… This game will go one of two ways – 50% chance Knicks lose by ten in a game where we dig ourselves too deep a hole to get ourselves out of, OR, 50% chance we blow them out and sleigh our way into Christmas full of joyous thoughts and egg nog.

I think Orlando may have enough bigs to throw at us, but I see potential for a big night out of Jennings, Lee, Rose and any other guard on the Knicks (I’m looking at you Ron Baker).

Knicks SHOULD win this game… You heard it here first.



Merry (Almost) Knicksmas,