I know people like me know we have some pretty fucking good odds as Giants to make the playoffs, but would you like to know exactly how we need to make this dream a reality?


Well, I’m going to take that “no” as consent #nomeansyes #yesmeansanal.

I’m going to spell out from best case scenario to worst case scenario exactly what the “plan” is in order to line this whole thing up, because if Sandy Cohen taught me one thing…

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NFC East Champs and #1 Seed in the East… This is possible and honestly not all THAT insane. How? Well, we need to win out and we need Dallas to lose out. We’d end up 12-4, as would Dallas, but because we kicked their asses twice (one time assisted by #WalkieGate) we own the tie breaker. The road to Houston would go through the Meadowlands. Kind of a wet dream scenario.

Now, if Dallas wins (at least one) that is FINE and we win at least one – we still get in, just no Bye, and no home field advantage basically. Assuming we win one of our games in Philly or in Washington, we will have the fifth seed. Sure that means we have to play all our games on the road (unless we face the #6 seed Wild Card team in the NFC Championship) to get to the Super Bowl. This honestly is the most likely scenario so we better be ready to play on the road… We did it in 2007, and we can do it again.

Another scenario where we still make the playoffs would be we lose both games (which I could see) but either Green Bay or Tampa Bay loses a game. Green Bay plays the Vikings and then the Lions, so tough match-ups BUT they could very well win both – I mean Aaron Rodgers is a stud. Also, Tampa has the Saints and the Panthers left, both of who are surprisingly bad teams. So we’d need a Green Bay or Tampa Bay loss in one of their next two weeks, and we’re in REGARDLESS of how we play.

Now to the doomsday scenario…

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This would kill me… We lose out. BOTH Green Bay and Tampa Bay win out. We sit on a 10-6 record and our season ends January 1… Yes, take that drink Riggins, this is incredibly possible. Divisional games are tough, so us losing to Philly and Washington is too real. The scary part is that Green Bay is pretty hot right now…

gopop so hot right now so hot right now hansel

…and Tampa is playing the NFC South who basically decided to be fuckheads this year. I am incredibly worried about this scenario, we’ve had a great year and this would be a real big “bring-Giants-fans-back-to-Earth” moment that I’m hoping we avoid.

Tonight, I will be inebriated beyond belief in Hoboken prepping myself for Doomsday while still #billieving we can get the #1 seed. Our defense is strong, and Philly’s defense can’t stop any passing attack – let alone one with Odell Beckham Jr.

Let’s go Big Blue, fuck Philly!!



Expect More Sandy Cohen/Riggins GIFs in the Future,