Well, the disaster has started folks. Start playing “Hallelujah” because this is the end…

Most probably saw last night’s 24-19 loss in Philadelphia and thought: “Eh, whatever, we can wait for someone else to lose and our playoffs will be secure.” I on the other hand see this as a nightmare fucking dumpster fire. This feels like the wrong stars are aligning and it makes me VERY uneasy.

the office michael scott screwed

Sure, we didn’t have Janoris Jenkins, but our defense didn’t throw a pick six. Our defense didn’t put us in a 14-0 hole after we went 3 and out faster than I could get my first round of drinks (shout-out to House of ‘Que on that one). Our defense was fine – shit, they allowed 14 points! Our offense makes me worry. It’s tough to think it’ll change for the playoffs, but that’s why Eli is “elite” – right? RIGHT?!

Prove me wrong Eli. Prove to me that you really have that switch come playoff time and you can make this anemic offense into something halfway decent.

Last night’s nervousness didn’t go away and it’s really weighing on me… I just need to know we’re in the playoffs so I can relax and enjoy egg nog in a nice relaxed blackout state.



In a New York State of Mind*,





* = crazed