We are one week out from the premier of America’s Show, The Bachelor.  A few days ago, I began my preview with the first of six installments. We looked at Alexis, Angela, Astrid, Briana, Brittany and Christen as well as The Bachelor himself, Nick V.  Today, we’ll look at the next six girls.  Let’s do it.


Corinne, Age 24, from Miami, FL

Occupation: Business Owner.  A bit vague….

Best Answer: She said her guilty pleasure is watching Fraiser.  Nothing to be ashamed of there, Corinne.  One of the most underrated shows in sit-com history if you ask me.

Worst Answer: She owns an online business, that’s very important to her.  I just, I just don’t know how I feel about this.  What does her online business sell?  Was it on Shark Tank?  Is it successful?  What are her margins at?  How much has she made in sales?  Too many questions and for that reason, I’m out.

Handicapping what she sells: Make up products at -250, Socks at +300, Hair Extensions or something like that at +500, Homemade Bourbon +900

Worth Noting: She is having tattoos lasered off.  Bad decisions?  Party girl?

Vegas Odds: +2000 here we have a candidate to get too drunk on night one.

Bach DL.jpg

Danielle L, age 27, from Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Small Business Owner – again, a bit vague….

Best Answer: If she could be an animal, she chose a fox.  A very smart answer.  Foxes are smart and cunning.  While most girls went with a dolphin because they’re majestic, Danielle L went with a fox as that will help her survive the best.

Worst Answer: The person she admires most is Chrissy Teigen.  Maybe this is just me, but I don’t get Chrissy Teigen.  Would she be famous if she wasn’t married to John Legend?   Regardless, if she’s who you admire most, that should be a red flag.

Vegas Odds: +1500. I can see her being the girl that everyone thinks is beautiful because she’s kind of different and exotic looking.  I’m not saying she’s as good looking as that bitch Brittney or Caila, but she might get similar treatment.

Bach DM.jpg

Danielle M, age 31, from Nashville TN

Occupation: Neonatal Nurse

Best Answer: If she could be a fictional character, she chose Hermoine Granger.  FANTASTIC PICK.

Worst Answer: If she could break a law with no repercussions she chose to eat ice cream on a sidewalk which is apparently a law in Tennessee.  Um there is one glaringly obvious answer to that question.  ROB A BANK.  If you could rob a bank with no repercussions, why wouldn’t you do that?  I will go as far to say that the sole reason people don’t rob banks is because of the repercussions.

Vegas Odds: +1100.  I think Danielle M is a dark horse here.  Her fiance died so as long as we don’t have a Sanderson Poe situation (Kelsey obviously killed him), it should be alright.  Also she’s kind of “girl next door” pretty, has a good job (I think) and is 31.  The one thing against her is that she is blonde and Nick doesn’t like blondes.  We could, however, have an early candidate for Bachelorette 2K17.

Bach Dom.jpg

Dominique, age 25, from Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Restaurant Server.  Soooooo a waitress.

Best Answer: She mentioned Chipotle burritos twice in her answers.  That’s a good thing.  I can get down with a girl who is always up for a Chipotle burrito.  Also a sneaky good answer was saying “sunshine” when asked what is something she can’t live without.  Can you imagine never seeing the sun?  It would fucking suck.

Worst Answer: Favorite movie is Titanic.

Vegas Odds: +3000.  Just, you know.

Bach Liz.jpg

Elizabeth “Liz,” Age 29, From Las Vegas, NV

Occupation: Doula. So from my understanding a doula is a person that helps deliver babies.  Not like a nurse, just someone who is there to help the baby shoot out.  That is a weird profession to me.  If someone were to come up to me and tell me they were a Doula, I’m not sure I would really be “down” with that.

Best Answer: She chose to be a grape if she could be any fruit or vegetable because she would get better with age.  I actually think grapes shrivel up and turn into raisins and it’s wine that gets better with age, but I’ll give it an A for effort.

Worst Answer: Alright one is if she never had to _________ she would be very happy and she chose “kill someone.”  I feel like that’s an odd answer.  I mean, yes, I would like to not kill someone too, but how is that the first thing to come to mind?  Also one of her great accomplishments was being her sisters doula and cutting the kid’s umbilical cord.  I mean I guess that’s cool, if you’re into that.

Vegas Odds: +1025.  Easily the hottest one out of the group at this point.  She’s also the typical prototype for Nick V.  But her answers are a little odd and she seems a bit hippy-ish.  I could see her making a run and maybe becoming kind of a villain.


Elizabeth, age 24, from Dallas, TX

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Best Answer: Greatest achievement has been “not just one, her whole life has been a journey of achievements only she would appreciate.”  I love the arrogance.

Worst Answer: A lot of her answers made her seem a bit flakey.  Another answer that struck me as, shall we say, odd was that she has misophobia.  She said to look it up so I did and it is essentially a fear of noises.  That could definitely be problem.

Vegas Odds: +3000.  She’s the lesser of the Elizabeths and my guess is she’ll be a member of the one and done club.

Alright so there’s our six for today.  Tomorrow will be part three!