This is the best thing from Chino since Ryan Atwood…

the oc top 10 ryan atwood top character

Okay, that (totally still relevant) “OC” reference aside, this video makes me so happy. This cocky little asshole kid from Chino Hills, CA with #LIT hair firing a half-court shot because he’s the man and fuck the haters… Oh, did I mention it is Lonzo Ball‘s brother??

This shot remind me of playing NBA Live and turning fouls off so you could shoot from halfcourt, hand-check everyone to get the loose ball, rinse and repeat until that beautiful shot goes in.

LaMelo (great name btw) is the cockiest little S.O.B. you can think of, pointing to his spot before heaving up a halfcourter. Fucking awesome, so American, LOVE IT.

We’ve found our NEXT Steph and, God, I can only pray the Knicks land him and shower him with all of Dolan’s riches.