Alright so we’ve looked at six girls in our first preview and six more in the second preview so now let’s take a look at the next six girls vying for Nick’s heart.


Hailey, age 23, from Vancouver, BC

Occupation: Photographer.  This could mean she takes pictures and puts them on Instagram.

Best Answer: Favorite author was listed as Dr. Seuss because he was such an “inventor.”  This is a savvy way of saying “I don’t read.”

Worst Answer: Her greatest accomplishment was going to China and building schools and teaching in orphanages.  Uhhhh humble brag much?  The only thing is that that sappy reading to underprivileged kids shit might play well with Nick V.

Vegas Odds: +4000 – Again, she’s 23.  Nick was reaching puberty while Hailey was still in the womb.


Ida Marie, age 23, Harlingen, TX

Occupation: Sales Manager

Best Answer: You know, a lot to like with Ida Marie’s answers.  She listed Step Brothers as one of her favorite movies.  She said she’d like to be a giraffe if she could be any animal (giraffes are on my Mount Rushmore of animals).  But the thing I liked most about Ida Marie was that when asked what her favorite book was she simply answered “I guess I need to read more books.”  Then when they asked who her favorite author was she said “Again, I guess I need to read more books.”  Love it.  I love the self-deprecation.  She’s not going to lie and say Dr. Seuss like other people.  She’s not going to just think of the last book she read in high school.  She’s just owning that she doesn’t read.  Good for you, Ida Marie.

Worst Answer: Favorite snack is cheetos with a pickle which is a bit suspect.  I like both of those things separately and I would try them together, but not sure I would ever pop a squat with some cheetos and pickles.  The other thing that kind of stuck out to me was one of her fears for a date was falling.  I feel like falling is one of those things where if you think to yourself “don’t fall,” your risk of falling skyrockets.  Like have you ever laid in bed and thought about breathing?  Then it’s hard to breath for a few minutes because you’re thinking about it?  No?  Oh yeah me either.

Vegas Odds: +2500.  I’m actually a pretty big fan of Ida Marie based on her picture and answers, but the fucking 13 year age difference is just too much.  Nick was watching porn before Ida Marie was born.


Jaimi, age 28, from New Orleans, LA

Occupation: Chef

Best Answer: Well honestly the answer to her occupation already puts her on the radar.  A chef is a hot commodity.  Then add in her other answer of her greatest accomplishment of catering the Oscar’s and you know she’s legit.

Worst Answer: Honestly there are a few things I did not like about Jaimi.  First, if she was an animal she would be a tiger “in Bali.”  If you ever want to go India, you’re an idiot.  The second was when she was asked if there was anything impressive about her, her answer was something like she can leg press a guy.  That would not impress me, it would freak me out.  And finally, it was asked if she followed any kind of diet.  Right away, if the answer is “yes” in any way, that should be a red flag.  But her diet is so fucking ridiculous I wanted to puke.  It’s called a, and I shit you not, “pesco-pollo-lacto-ovo-paro-tarian.”  Apparently it’s just fish, chicken and byproducts.  If your diet is “just” byproducts, you are not the woman for me.

Vegas Odds: +4500.  One and done.


Jasmine B, age 25, from Tacoma, WA

Occupation: Flight Attendant

Best Answer: So I kind of liked her answer of what she likes in a man.  She said she wants a man who chases her and that she knows she attractive so she doesn’t go chasing after men.  You know, except for like going on a television show on national television competing against 29 other women.  But other than that she doesn’t go chasing after men.

Worst Answer: Her favorite author is Steve Harvey which is hilarious.

Vegas Odds: +5000.  I’m not a fan of Jasmine B.


Jasmine G, age 29, from San Francisco, CA

Occupation: Pro basketball dancer

Best Answer: You know, some great answers from Jasmine G.  If she could have a meal with three people, one of the people she chose was Dave Chappelle.  Great answer. If she won the lottery she would buy tons of socks (new socks are the tits) and then buy out a sports team.

Worst Answer: Not a lot I didn’t like from Jasmine G.  She has a tattoo on the inside of her lip and that kind of freaks me out.

Vegas Odds: +1450.  I like the poor man’s Gabrielle Union.


Josephine, age 24, from Santa Cruz, CA

Occupation: Registered Nurse.  Adding “registered” means either she’s bragging, or she doesn’t have a job, but is done with her schooling.

Best Answer: Best answer hands down is if she could be an fruit or vegetable what she would be she answered “something disgusting so nobody eats me.”  All about survival of the fittest. I respect the shit out of that answer.

Worst Answer: Well she was a theater chick in high school.  She’d want to be Steven Hawking for a day if she could be anyone.  That would not be my choice.

Vegas Odds: +5500.  I’m trying not to comment on the girl’s looks in negative ways, but this girl has got a schnoz…

Alright check in tomorrow for the fourth preview.