Well guys, it’s been about a half year at this point on Water Cooler Sports and somehow the only sort of sex appeal we’ve had on this site has been Ketch’s Bachelor reviews… which, don’t get me wrong, sometimes have some A+ looking women and get the ol’ ding-dong rockin’. But if you’re looking for a post that maybe isn’t regarding a show that some say is “gay” or “for girls” or just “not a reality show that my mom watches and is really stupid“, then here we are – we’ve got that post for you!!

Moving forward, I promise to bring you one per week – just a total BABE. Someone who you’ll see, have to sneak off to the restroom and return to your desk feeling refreshed and like a new man… I will bring you a babe who some lucky New York sports LEGEND (past or present) is dating/banging/married to/WHATEVER. This is New York Sports #WCW.

This week, the inaugural #WCW is going to go to Mindaugas Kuzminskas’ girlfriend: Egle Andreikaite.


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Now, one of my favorite lines in all movies:

Now, if an ugly girlfriend means no confidence (which it obviously does), doesn’t that also mean that a complete 10 out of 10 girlfriend means you OOZE confidence, and in Kuzkinskas’ case… Well, he certainly has that in spades.

I’ve already announced I love Mindaugas on this blog, and now maybe even more so, I LOVE Egle.

For those who want more… For her on Instagram at egleandr or Facebook at facebook.com/egleandreikaite.



Where Stars & Stripes – And Egle Flies,