Read part one here. Read part two right here.  And read part three right fucking here.  Only two previews left.  Today, we take a look at the next six girls and I will say, we got some lookers in this round.  Let’s rip.


Kristina, age 24, from Lexington, KY

Occupation: Dental Hygienist

Best Answer: Best answer was to what fictional character she would be.  She answered Fiona from Shrek.  Not Ogre Fiona is really hot and spunky so I’m good with that answer.

Worst Answer: Kristina is adopted.  Not a bad thing, but there may be some baggage that comes with that.  Again this is not a “worst answer,” more just worth noting.  Kristina didn’t have a lot of bad answers, but if I had to choose, I would say that her worst answer is that she does not fear aging because it’s a beautiful thing.  Yeah, I guess if you’re a hot young girl that turns into a distinguished, sexy MILF it’s a beautiful thing, but when you’re a former collegiate bullpen catcher with shitty knees and is always sweating and farting, then I can assure you that aging is not a beautiful thing.

Vegas Odds: +1800.  I like Kristina.  Not to be a total creep, but it looks like she has very soft skin.  The age difference is an issue, but overall I’m a fan.


Lacey, age 25, from Manhattan, NY

Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager

Best Answer: Her favorite movies are Armageddon, Step Brothers and Wedding Crashers.  Good choices.  But also the fact that this is her best answer is a not a good sign.

Worst Answer: Well, there’s a humble brag in there about a double major and learning Arabic.  Sick.  But she has never brought anyone home to her family.  Ever.  That’s odd to me.  Not even like a high school boyfriend?  Nobody ever picked her up for a date?  What’s she hiding?  Is her family embarrassing?  Are they mean?  Are they monsters?  How has no male ever met her family?

Vegas Odds: +3500.  Lacey is pretty eh to me.


Lauren, age 30, from Naples, FL

Occupation: Law School Graduate.  Not currently working (I added that part).

Best Answer: Her best date memory was dinner and mini-golf.  I can do that.  That’s simple.  I’m a simple man and Lauren is a simple girl.  Sign me up.

Worst Answer: She said she’d rather live in the country, which I have no qualms with.  I would probably rather live in the country than a city too, but she goes on to say she could easily live off the land.  That’s a ton of work.  Maybe Lauren isn’t as simple as I thought she was.

Vegas Odds: +1200.  Lauren is very pretty.  She seems pretty normal, but she is not a brunette which Nick likes.  I can see a lot of the girls hating her solely because she is a hot blonde girl.


Michelle, age 24, from Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Food Truck Owner. Actually pretty cool job, but I have to know what type of food she sells before I buy in.

Best Answer: The question was “what three people, dead or alive, would you want to have lunch with and what would you order?”  Most people listed three people and just said what they would order for the whole group.  Michelle, on the other hand, listed the three people and what she would order for each specific person.  She went with Dumbeldore with a Sunday roast, Gwen Stefani with tacos and Princess Diana with fish and chips.  I’m not sure if that’s how the question was meant to be answered, but I like it.  I like how she personalized each person.

Worst Answer: She loves Carrie Bradshaw who I think is the character from Sex in the City.  Sex in the City fangirls are weird.

Vegas Odds: +3750.  What kind of food she sells in the food truck is make or break.


Olivia, age 25, from Anchorage, AK

Occupation: Apparel Sales Representative

Best Answer: She was the kicker for her high school football team, so that’s pretty neat.  Also, and this may just be me, but when I saw she was from Anchorage, I became pretty intrigued.  Just by the looks of her I thought “yeah she’s pretty, she’s like a Southern Cal 8 or so.”  Then I saw she was from Alaska and she is easily an Alaskan 10.  She may be the best looking girl in Alaska.  I don’t know the whole Eskimo (or Inuit? not sure the PC term) angel is intriguing to me

Worst Answer: She cried during her maid of honor speech.  We may have a crier on our hands.

Vegas Odds: +2250.  She may make a little run because of the novelty factor, but I don’t know if she goes too deep.

Bach Rachel.jpg

Rachel, age 31, from Dallas , TX

Occupation: Attorney.  Daaaaayum

Best Answer: She does not fear aging because her mom is 60 and looks amazing.  We’ll have to see some proof that she indeed does look amazing, but that’s a good sign that Rachel will also age like a fine wine.

Worst Answer: Her biggest fear is things that fly.  Like birds, bugs and bats.  I guess we need to know how big of a phobia this is because if it’s like she freaks out and screams every goddamn time she goes outside and sees a butterfly then I’ll pass.

Vegas Odds: +1800.  I think Rachel has a chance to go pretty deep.  I may even say she is my dark horse.  Wait I should probably think of another term….she’s might be this year’s George Mason.


Alright well that’s all for today.  Tomorrow, the fifth and final preview of the girls will be released, and I’ll make my Final Four picks.