Absolutely mind blowing here… But the Giants LITERALLY could have the same path they did in 2007 – the same path that lead to everyone learning David Tyree’s name and eventually the path that lead to the most legendary one-loss season in NFL history.

Today as I was jerking off to the Giants looking at who we could potentially matchup against, I saw the Buc’s have an OUTSIDE chance of making the playoffs… SURE it’s a long-shot, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. And that got me to thinking…

Flashback to 2007… We finish Week 17 losing at home to the (then) 16-0 Patriots. Yours truly was at Giants Stadium that game and I swear to you, through 3 quarters, I was GIVING IT to the New England fans around me – “You came all the way from Foxborough to see this?! HAHAHA!!

Well, then those Patriots did what they did so fucking well and make me eat my shit… And, the Pats fans around me gave it right back after all was said and done… And deservedly so. Luckily, our team was a bunch of fucking studs that year and Antonio Pierce (God I miss that savage) lit everyone up after the game during his postgame interview about how we shouldn’t feel “good” about losing a game, just because we were CLOSE to the Patriots.

**Me frantically searching the internet for video footage but finding none**

Okay, just trust me he fucking was pissed. It was basically something like there are no morals victories… Probably voted for Trump too – Pierce was a stud.

Okay, back to the reason for this… The Giants path! It COULD be exactly the same. First, we played the Bucs IN TAMPA (whose QB was Jeff Garcia LOL). We potentially COULD play Tampa in the First Round… How? The Bucs need to win, AND they need the Titans, Colts, Cowboys, 49ers & Lions to win, and they need the Giants-Redskins game to end in a tie. Those VERY REALISTIC outcomes would land Tampa as the #4 team in the NFC, hosting the #5 Wild Card New York Giants.

Then we played the Cowboys in Dallas, who now are the #1, and I believe we’ll face them in the 2nd Round regardless, since they’ll play the winner of the #4 versus #5 game… again, IN Dallas. Well, I’ll tell you one thing – that year we lost twice to the Cowboys in the regular season, so things are A LITTLE different, but I’m confident we’ll kick their ass a third time this time around.

Then we played Green Bay in Lambeau… Okay, we literally cannot play Green Bay in Lambeau this time around, BUT we can play them at MetLife (hold on quick while I bust a hypothetical nut). Why? Because if the Lions win in Week 17 this year (look back at the only way the Bucs make it), then Green Bay will fall to the #6 and we can see them on the complete other side… the NFC Championship.

Then, without a doubt in my mind, we will face the Patriots in the end. For all the marbles, and once again, we make it happen. I would lose my mind just as much as I did the last two times. I think New England would be mortified forever… That’s like the Bills’ 3-straight. You just can’t come back from that.

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So yeah, Pats fans may want to worry because this (totally probable) path? We’ve literally done it before… It’s happening again. Get ready to parlay the “Taylor Lock of the Century” this weekend – Giants/Redskins TIE*, then the Titans, Colts, Cowboys, 49ers and Lions all win. The multiplier there is solid (133.11), so if you have a few bucks (pun 100% intended) and REALLY want to root for the Bucs to make it – there’s your parlay.



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* = I took the Giants (+7) since that would encompass a tie. I didn’t see an option to bet on a tie… Full disclosure here folks!!